Party Responsibility

I was participating in a conversation on Facebook, and the following statement started out because I felt it needed to be said, regarding the responsibility, or lack thereof in Partisan Politics. This is a major issue today after many years of witnessing our Two-Party system go back and forth while only stepping outside their agendas a little bit, and not often enough, to actually solve the issues the people deem important, and only to acquire enough votes to carry on with their agendas.

This is, in my opinion; where we have come to, still arguing the points of contention that the Founders (Federalists and Anti-Federalists alike) were volleying back and forth about, when the Constitution was being drafted. I find it to also be the root of the conservative via progressive crisis in our nations history.

The only laws that are on the books that are Constitutional, in my opinion; are those that actually protect the rights of the people in an equal and just manner (another wards, do not limit another right). The major rights defined in the Constitution are; Life, Liberty, “Pursuit of” Happiness, Property, and Freedom of Religion. These rights are further defined and expanded upon in the Bill of Rights, and the following Amendments, and include;

Personal Rights:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Religion (yes it was important enough to mention again)
  • Right to bear arms (to be able to protect those rights directly)
  • Not having to provide food and board to soldiers of the state
  • Protection from search and seizure (without probable cause, or  warrant)
  • Right to face accusers, and not be required by law to incriminate oneself
  • Not be tried for the same crime after being proven innocent
  • Right to “due process”, Speedy trial, Obtain witnesses, and Retain counsel
  • Prohibition of excessive Bail, Fines, and Cruel or Unusual Punishment
  • Protects rights not included in the Constitution
  • Define the limits of Federal Government as only the power granted to it by the States
  • Protects States from being sued by non-citizens, or Foreign-entities
  • Abolishes Slavery in all forms.
  • Sets no limit on right to vote based on color, race, or previous servitude.
  • Sets that gender, shouldn’t be a determining factor in the ability to vote
  • Sets that all citizens 18 or older are able to vote
  • Requires that no fees be necessary to vote.

Like personal responsibility, party responsibility should belong to the party, not those that happen to be watching. Sociologically, groups disassociate the mental connection of personal action and responsibility to the point where individuals rationalize the acts of the party as justifiable, when they personally would never behave in such a manner. The primary function of the Constitution was to protect the Natural Rights of the individual over the mob mentality that always occurs in a direct democracy between groups of majority and minority in favor of the will of the majority. By supporting the Party system in America we dilute that very function away from the Presidential seat, and circumvent the power of the people. Financial responsibility is only the more visible aspect in our current political paradigm, with method of enactment growing quickly. If citizens focused on Issues and the priority of those issues over Party loyalties, we would all be much better off.


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