Riding in a Colored Vessel

I am a person who rides around in a body that happens to be white. To imply that I am somehow only equal to the history of others that have ridden around in white bodies is as prejudiced as to imply the same to a person whom rides around in a black, brown, red, yellow… skinned body. There is absolutely no difference in race, this is a misnomer, we are all human. I treat people that look differently, think differently, have different genitalia, different attractions… as equals and should be judged simply that way, not as a white person or as a male. Until we stop focusing on our differences, even taking pride in them we will never get rid of the ideas we find so repulsive. I have never owned a slave, never married off a family member… I am an individual human being that takes no joy in seeing my brothers and sisters treated differently. Yes Black Lives Matter, yes black skinned people have been treated unfairly, not by me, All Humans are Equal, All Humans Lives Matter. The best that can be done is to support our brothers and sisters as equals and be nodes of unity, rather than division. That being said, I will not support any group that has an us vs them mentality, to continue to perpetuate division will never result in unity. Going to a rally in support of a group while being quietly discriminatory does not make the world a better place, be better people, don’t perpetuate the bullshit you hear on TV, in quiet groups, and amongst supposed peers, stand up for equality, stop just talking about how we are different and judge individual humans as the individual humans that they are. All Lives Matter vs Black Lives Matter is bullshit, if All Lives Matter was a movement of truth, they would be an encompassing defender of Black Lives that Matter not an opponent. If Black Lives Matter was a movement to encourage equality it would be promoting an importance of equality in all Lives regardless of skin color or what neighborhood one is from. Don’t judge me by my counterparts or anyone else. The binary of us vs them will always lead to disaster and never result in “Unity” as a people.

@Copyright Jason J. Walton 2016


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