Bernie; Still in the Race

Well Bernie has not dropped out, so there is still a little bit of hope for the U.S. I can agree with most of what he said in tonights speech, excepting the banning of a fictional class of weapons. I suppose a limit as to how many rounds can be fired in the timeframe of a minute if a reasonable number for the rifle to still be effective in it’s intended purposes is something I could concede to. I have always been for expanded background checks. The watchlist vs due process and innocent until proven guilty for citizens of the United States is still a rocky slope for me. No non-U.S. Citizen should be allowed to buy a firearm in the U.S. From the Mental Health standpoint, I feel there would be much more credible data available if with our comprehensive Health Reform, Mental Health was a focus, after all it is the most corrupt field in medicine in this country. Positive mental health skills should be taught in public school along with hygiene, and regular check-ups should be covered as pro-active medical care. I mentioned previously expanded background checks; The most critical piece of the puzzle here, for me, is Law Enforcement Reform, from the federal level all the way down the chain to local small town departments. The teaching of Constitutional Rights, and all levels of government and civil service should be taught in school, as a primary subject.


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